Practice Practice Practice…

by  Stefan Joubert

In my daily coaching of music with my students, I always try to help them go forward as fast as possible.   I do my utmost to teach my students the secrets of music, and techniques that few have ever discovered. Even though I give my utmost and my best, I often feel that there is a [...]
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A Wonderful Student Concert in October!

by  Stefan Joubert

  We have had an absolutely fabulous concert in October 2013!!! All our students performed wonderfully and their progress is simply outstanding to say the least! Suki did her first piano performance and it went absolutely flawless! There was literally no mistake in her timing and she kept the piece together until the end. Many other students [...]
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We’ve had a fabulous music evening in July!

by  Stefan Joubert

We’ve had an absolutely amazing music evening in July! All students performed exceptionally well on the evening… The greatest thanks to our host for providing such a great evening! I was of course very pleased with my students’ performances! I’ve attached a few photographs of the evening so that you can see the excitement for yourself!  
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Fascinating Singing… Mozart with Many Voices…

by  Stefan Joubert

An awesome performance by the Swingle Singers… PERFORMING MOZART’S “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”! – Talk about accuracy when it comes to intonation, rhythm and feel WOW!

Awesome Harmonies – A treat for any musician!

Watch out for the awesome drum triplets @ 2:35….



My Latest Tapping Guitar Recording

by  Stefan Joubert

Some of you might know me as the guy who plays the tapping guitar!

I’ve developed this style of playing in order to express both hands on the guitar.

Please view the video below to see my latest tapping guitar recording  That I Have Recorded at the London Music Institute









Why you should learn music at the London Music Institute!

by  Stefan Joubert

At the London Music Institute, we genuinely provide the highest quality music lessons in all of London!

Studying with master musicians is a great privilege not usually offered to adult musicians.

At the London Music Institute, we have decided to offer adults the highest quality music education in London!

By studying at the London Music Institute you will benefit from:

  • Expert advice from concert musicians
  • Periodic student workshops
  • Exciting student concerts
  • Interpretation Lessons – Celine is a master at this!
  • Improvisation Lessons – Stefan is a master at this!
  • Progress Reports
  • Feedback on Your Playing
  • Top-Notch Material
  • Amazing Support

All in all, by studying the London Music Institute, you secure your musical future!

All our students are upgrading the amount of hours they study with us per week!

The primary reason for doing this is because of the high quality tuition they receive!

In a nutshell At the London Music Institute you will get amazing results!

 WE ARE ALL ABOUT RESULTS – your results and your success!

Visit us for your music lessons in London:




Montreux – The Home Of Music and Beauty!

by  Stefan Joubert

Stefan Joubert I’m currently in Montreux, really enjoying breathtaking views and listening to Shuggie Otis Bootie Coole! (Recommended by Leon!) What a beautiful place! I’d recommend you book a ticket and come here for great peace of mind! (It worked for Freddie!) Keep practising! Freddie’s statue in Montreux! Freddie’s Statue in Montreux near the Commercial Center View [...]
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What an Amazing Guitar Workshop In Central London 24 November 2012!!!

by  Stefan Joubert

We had a really good time at the workshop today! Well, technically speaking yesterday – as it is 1am in the morning now… All my students were just amazing!!! Everybody participated to make the day a hit! Here are some of the stuff we looked at: How to practice the guitar successfully Practising your left and right [...]
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  • Christian-playing-bass - Wonderful and enthusiastic Christian playing the bass!
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London Music Guitar Workshop in Central London

by  Stefan Joubert

What a wonderful guitar workshop we’ve had!

It was lots and lots of fun and all my students had a great time jamming and playing the guitar!



The Simple Secret of Success

by  Stefan Joubert

Becoming a successful guitarist, pianist, singer, drummer, saxophonist, bassist, cellist is actually a very simple formula! The secret of the most successful people on earth is the singular ability to do a little bit each and everyday. Did you know that as an aspiring musician (whether for pleasure or professional), you can make tremendous progress by just [...]